2018 DCI DC Campaign

From BibleStrength

Counter-protests in support of Brett Kavanaugh were performed in Washington, D.C. from September to October by the Defending Conservatism Institute outside the Senate office building where the confirmation hearings were taking place. Furthermore, dozens of U.S. Senate offices were visited in person, and factsheets with information designed to help Republican U.S. Senators win reelection were provided. Due to a lack of funding, only U.S. Senate offices were visited. The DCI attended the hearings as well, although due to security protocols use of electronic devices was not permitted.

Online posts disproving false liberal claims on prominent, high-traffic social media pages were used in the last month of the election to boost the poll numbers of key U.S. Senators, including Ted Cruz and Martha McSally. The DCI also assisted in the races for FL Rep. Aaron Bean, MN Rep. Jim Hagedorn, and ME Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

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