ABC:2 Chronicles 16

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Verse 1

Jim Meritt of claims there is a contradiction here in his section "When did Baasha die?"[1]

Meritt makes a very careless mistake here in asking "When did Baasha die?" Presumably he is assuming that the 1 Kings 16 passage says Baasha died in his 26th year (v. 8) while the 2 Chronicles 16 passage says Baasha still reigned in his 36th year. However, as anyone with reading comprehension should notice, the passages are not equivalent because 1 Kings 16:8 is referring to the 26th year of Asa as king over JUDAH, whereas 2 Chronicles 16:1 refers to the 36th year of Asa as king over ISRAEL. Israel was divided into two separate kingdoms, Judah and Israel, so the logical answer is that Baasha simply ruled Israel at least 10 years longer than he did Judah. What is more, the previous chapter, 1 Kings 15, even gives the time spans for when he reigned over the kingdoms of Judah and Israel separately. See e.g. the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary which pointed this out in 1871 A.D.[2]

Additionally, as pointed out by the Bible Baptist Church in Ballincollig, 1 Kings 15:13 shows Asa co-reigned with his mother Maachah for several years.


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