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Verse 2

Jim Meritt of claims there is a contradiction here in his section "How old was Ahaziah when he began to reign?"[1] also claims this is a contradiction[2] as does the Reason Project.[3]

Although other explanations exist, the most likely appears to be that posed by AiG's McKeever and Hodge of scribal error since older texts of 2 Chronicles 22 like the Syriac and Arabic actually have the correct number of 22, not 42. As pointed out by McKeever and Hodge:

This was originally pointed out by Dr. John Gill in John Gill's Exposition of the Bible in the 1700s:

Because other ancient texts have the correct number of 22, it appears a scribe simply made a mistake which crept into the Masoretic Text considered authoritative by many translators. However, the original text clearly did not have such a discrepancy/contradiction.


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