ABC:2 Chronicles 28

From BibleStrength

Verse 20

The ReasonProject lists the following as a Bible contradiction with the headline "Was Ahaz buried with his fathers?"[1]

There is no contradiction between the two passages. The first passage says Ahaz was buried with his "fathers" or ancestors in the city of David (Jerusalem). The second passage says Ahaz was buried with his fathers as well, but specifies that this wasn't with the Kings of Israel. Ahaz's wickedness was so great that while he was buried in Jerusalem, he was given a common burial rather than in the tombs of royalty.

The Reason Project carelessly puts the wrong verse reference on their chart, and incorrectly cites 2 Chronicles 16:20 instead of 2 Chronicles 28:27. This carelessness continues in their reasoning, because both passages clearly state Ahaz was buried with his fathers. Their implication otherwise is frankly ridiculous.


  1. Marlow, Andy (2009). Contradictions in the Bible. Project Reason.