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Verse 8

ThinkingAtheist claims the Bible is wrong about the following passage, and makes the following comments (italicized):[1]

First of all the math may be incorrect, since verse 9 states the altar was dedicated 7 days, and the feast 7 days. A total of 14 days is mentioned elsewhere as well. If so it would have only been 11,000 oxen and 60,000 sheep per week.

Either way though, 42 million cows die in the United States each year, around 808 thousand every week.[2] The USDA estimates that 112,000 cows are killed daily in the United States, which is actually down from 121,000 last year.[3] That is 5 times as many on a daily basis, and we kill that many cattle constantly rather than for a unique Israelite event. There are 30 million sheep killed each year in Australia, 577 thousand sheep every week.[4] And over 7 billion chickens are killed each year in the United States, 13.46 million chickens every week.[5]

While the critic is free to speculate on whether such a large-scale event could have occurred in the distant past, the fact is that those numbers are dwarfed regularly every week. Under Solomon, Israel had its golden age with more territory and wealth than at any other point in its history, allowing it to put on such a remarkable festivity. Ultimately however there is only speculation here on the part of the critic, certainly not a definite contradiction.

Verse 12

The EvilBible claims a contradiction exists here, and makes the following comments (italicized).[6]

The EvilBible doesn't quote 2 Chronicles 7 in context, verse 14 shows that God is hearing from Heaven. The passage in context is not saying God makes it His home, just that He chooses and sanctifies it so His name will be there forever, and that He'll watch over it constantly. That God is said to hear from Heaven clearly shows His home will not be on Earth or one of its buildings, consistent with Acts 7:48.


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