ABC:Jeremiah 3

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Verse 12 claims the Bible is wrong in the following passage, and makes the following comments:[1]

As often occurs, this is just a critic reading comprehension issue, since Jeremiah 17:4 does not say the anger remains forever, but that the fire it caused will burn forever, two different things. In other words, God in His anger created a fire to punish the wicked with that will burn forever, but God does not remain perpetually angry.

The issue here is a critic who cannot consider all possible meanings of the text, and jumps to conclusions about what the text means to claim a contradiction where none exists.

As for the claim by the 'ThinkingAtheist' that "the previous chapter, where God brings disaster in verse 11: 'it is because your fathers forsook me,' generational punishment which again contradicts Ezekiel 18:20", that is dishonest. Quoting the two surrounding verses clearly shows that generational punishment is not at work, but that those being punished are being punished specifically for continuing the evil deeds of their fathers, and indeed even expanding on said wickedness.

Verse 12 very specifically states that "you have done worse than fathers" and those being punished are being punished for their own deeds. This blatant disregard for context is so obvious as to constitute intellectual dishonesty.


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