ABC:Job 26

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Verse 7 asserts a contradiction exists in how the Bible shows the Earth to be supported.[1]

However, logically one could consider the "foundations of the earth" to mean the Earth's core itself. There is no reason to infer a contradiction with Job 26:7 - which clearly states scientific fact about the Earth's positioning in outer space - unless one is already looking for a contradiction. Scientists believe Earth's core formed first, and how exactly that occurred still remains something of a mystery.[2]

After all, the outer mantle of the Earth is 'founded' upon the core of the Earth, and in looking at geologic history, one would consider formation of the core the 'foundation' of Earth's beginnings. To assume a contradiction with other verses and scientific fact when there is no logical reason to do so comes off as dishonest.

Verse 11 asserts the Bible contradicts reality in referring to 'pillars of heaven', and asks "Heaven supported too?"[3]

However, the Hubble Telescope on April 1, 1995, captured a photo of what are being called the "Pillars of Creation", huge pillars of gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula.[4] As such, it may be premature to assume, as Meritt did, that "pillars" necessarily referred to a solid foundation holding up the universe, but may instead refer to the above.


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