ABC:John 18

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Verse 27 calls as a contradiction, "How many times did the cock crow?"[1]

The simple answer is twice, but only once after Jesus said this. The rooster had already crowed once, and Jesus predicted Peter would deny him three times before it crowed a second time. Therefore Peter did so before it crowed once more, a second time. There's nothing contradictory about these passages in the slightest.

Verse 11 claims the Bible is wrong about the following passage, and makes the following comments:[2]

The translation the critic quotes uses the term "charge" to refer to the accusations of the "chief priests and elders." What we have here is a critic using a word they don't understand, namely charges. Charges are the accusations the priests and elders made against Jesus, not Pilate's curious questioning of Jesus. If the critic had any reading comprehension they would have noticed this. Jesus refused to answer the accusations the prosecution made, but did carry on a conversation with the judge about who He was, in other words. This really should have been quite obvious since John 18 also mentions Jesus responding to Pilate's questions.

It should have been very obvious that Pilate's questions were not considered charges like the accusations of the priests and elders. Either the critic didn't even bother reading the passage at all carefully to see this, making a careless accusation, or deliberately was dishonest in trying to make the passage appear to say something it didn't. Take your pick.


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