ABC:Joshua 22

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Verse 1

The ReasonProject lists the following as a Bible contradiction with the headline "Who Was Achan's father?"[1]

Actually, this is an excellent example showing the ancient Hebrew word ben translated son is not a direct match for our English version and could refer to grandchildren as well. Note Joshua 7:1, it says that Achan was the son (Hebrew ben[2]) of Carmi, Zabdi, and Zerah. This wouldn't make sense in modern English usage, but the ancient Hebrew word fit perfectly. Achan was descended from all 3, and in order, he was the son of Carmi, the grandson of Zabdi, and the great-grandson of Zerah, ultimately descended from Judah.

Achan's full genealogy was also repeated in Genesis 7:18 as well. However, it was wordy to keep calling him that, so at other times he is just referred to as the son of a well-known ancestor, Zerah. C.S. Lewis' well-known book series Narnia imitated the Biblical style, referring to humans as "sons of Adam" and "daughters of Eve," the Bible word translated son simply had a broader meaning than our English word does.


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