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Verse 19 claims the Bible is wrong about the following passage, and makes the following comments (italicized) in the section "Did the Fig Tree That Jesus Cursed Wither Immediately or Overnight?"[1]

Actually both chapters say that the dried up fig tree was discovered the following morning and that the disciples were amazed. Matthew 21 just doesn't mention the original cursing, but only mentions Peter's recollection of it, while Mark mentions both.

Sequence of Events

As observed by CARM, the order of events is identical.[2]

  1. Jesus is travelling between Bethany and Jerusalem. (Matthew 21:10-11, Mark 11:11)
  2. Jesus while coming from Bethany curses the fig tree. (Mark 11:11-14).
  3. Jesus violently kicks the salesmen out of Jerusalem's temple. (Matthew 21:12-14, Mark 11:15-17)
  4. Worried Pharisees express displeasure with Jesus' actions. (Matthew 21:15-16, Mark 11:18)
  5. Jesus leaves Jerusalem in the evening to lodge in Bethany, presumably for the cheap hotels. (Matthew 21:17, Mark 11:19)
  6. Peter reminds everyone about the fig tree that Jesus cursed earlier, and the disciples marvel that it has withered away. (Matthew 21:18-20, Mark 11:20-21)

The only difference is that Matthew does not mention Jesus' original cursing of the fig tree when it occurred, instead mentioning only Peter's recollection that it occurred - compare Mark 11:21 and Matthew 21:18-20. In both cases Peter recalls what occurred, and marvels that it has withered away so quickly. Matthew just mentions a summary of what occurred the next day.


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