ABC:Psalms 112

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Verse 1 claims the Bible is wrong about the following passage, and makes the following comments:[1]

Ultimately the critic makes a very simple mistake in failing to distinguish between this life and the next. Psalms 112 in context is speaking of future rewards, eternal rewards, as evidenced by the phrase "righteousness endureth for ever" (which the 'ThinkingAtheist' dishonestly did not quote). Another verse in the chapter shows that this is referring to eternal riches, not in this life:

The Bible does say that riches in this life are deceitful and can deter people from the kingdom of God in which lies the true riches.

A general principle of the Bible seems to be that those who have good things in this life will be appointed evil things in the next, and vice versa, though there are presumably exceptions (such as David). As a general rule it seems to be the evil who advance in wealth in this world, however.

It is ultimately not riches themselves that are evil, however, but the love of them, trusting in them, rather than in God and the eternal riches which He gives to the righteous.

Ultimately, neither great wealth or great poverty are to be desired in this life, Biblically.

Riches, like wisdom, are a snare that leads to self-reliance rather than reliance upon God.


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