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Democrats play upon white guilt, arguing that racial preference policies like Affirmative Action and reparations for slavery are needed to make amends for past wrongs.

Ignorance of Civil Rights History

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A major problem with such thinking is that it is completely ignorant of civil rights history when it comes to the topic of slavery. Yes, whites enslaved blacks in early America, but blacks also enslaved whites. The Barbary Wars (1801-1805; 1815-1816) occurred because three North African Muslim nations, Tripoli, Tunis, and Algiers used their navies to hijack U.S. ships at the beginning of American history when it did not have a navy. Treaties with the three Islamic countries made at the time all show how much influence they held in the bargaining process. Nonetheless, the treaties were broken, resulting in the First and Second Barbary Wars to stop the enslavement of white Americans for the African slave trade.[1]

Slavery has existed across all continents and cultures. White slavery was practiced throughout history (see e.g. the Volga Trade Route and Ottoman Slave Trade) and Native American tribes enslaved one another as well. There is arguably more racism today from African-Americans than against them, because black power movements are not condemned the way white power movements are. Obama's long-time church, Trinity United Church of Christ, required in its 'Black Value System' that all members "Pledge Allegiance to All Black Leadership Who Espouse and Embrace the Black Value System," "Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting Black Institutions," and "Pledge to Make the Fruits of All Developing and Acquired Skills Available to the Black Community."[2] There are over twice as many murders of whites by blacks as there are blacks by whites, even though the majority of the country is white.[3]

Where Do Reparations Stop?

The reparations concept is simply an attempt by corrupted African-American politicians to seize money. Do we give money to Native Americans because of the wrongs done to them?[4] And what of hispanics (who also have Native American blood), who were killed and had their land stolen during the Mexican-American War in the name of slavery (by Democrats no less)?[5] Hispanics were wrongfully deported during the Mexican Repatriation to free up jobs during the Great Depression.[6] Then of course there were the Hawaiians and Filipinos, who were likewise mistreated by the U.S. government.[7][8]

Furthermore, it's not just racial minorities who were mistreated. The Irish were once immigrants thrown into ghettos.[9] Jews of course were severely mistreated during the Nazi Holocaust in World War II, and the U.S. government even refused to accept them as refugees, leaving thousands of them to die.[10]

Ignorance of Interracial Crime Statistics

Even though there are similar levels of poverty among hispanics as among blacks, and there are more hispanics than blacks, hispanics do not commit nearly as much violent crime or murders as blacks.[11] For example, blacks make up 13.4% of the U.S. population yet account for 52.6% of all murders and non-negligent manslaughter. Hispanics account for 18.1% of the U.S. population yet account for just 20.0% of all murders and non-negligent manslaughter.[12]

Yes, to a degree the racial distinctions are just indicative of racial differences in poverty. Poorer people tend to commit more crime because of their environments and circumstances (and richer people tend to get off the hook even when caught for crimes like embezzlement because they can pay off a judge). However, hispanics have nearly comparable poverty levels to blacks yet do not commit nearly the level of crime that blacks do.

2016 Crime Rates, by Race[notes 1]
Race Population % Poverty % Murder % Rape % Robbery % Aggravated Assault % Burglary % Larceny-Theft % Motor-Vehicle Theft %
White 60.7% 8.0% 44.7% 67.6% 43.4% 62.8% 68.4% 69.0% 66.0%
Black 13.4% 20.0% 52.6% 29.1% 54.5% 33.3% 29.1% 27.7% 30.7%
Hispanic 18.1% 16.0% 20.0% 27.0% 21.1% 24.4% 20.8% 14.6% 26.8%
Sources: "2016 Crime in the United States: Table 21-Arrests by Race and Ethnicity." FBI.[12]
"QuickFacts." U.S. Census Bureau.
"Poverty Rate by Race/Ethnicity." Kaiser Family Foundation.[13]

Ironically, Democrats are advocating reparations solely to benefit African-Americans while ignoring Hispanics, Native Americans, and other groups; even as a number of leading African-Americans demonize Hispanics as criminals, even though African-Americans commit far more crime than Hispanics despite being fewer in number.

Equality Should be the Focus, Not Racial Superiority

Martin Luther King Jr. advocated racial equality, not racial superiority, which is what proponents of affirmative action endorse. King's teachings were in direct contrast to the black power movement's by emphasizing equality rather than division.

Avoiding Racial Division-A House Divided Can't Stand

As Jesus taught, "a house divided against itself shall not stand." Racially divisive policies such as affirmative action and reparations enforce divisions between Americans. With Americans increasingly divided against one another on the grounds of race, gender, and class per Democrat policies, we are weakening the bonds that brought America to its current strength.

The Way Forward

The U.S. should apologize for past wrongs and move forward. If there are non-monetary policies that right past wrongs like the Mexican Repatriation, e.g. analysis of historical records to ascertain which of today's illegals are descended from ex-U.S. citizens, then America should act to right past wrongs. However, bankrupting the country to benefit those who were not directly wronged, and forcing those who did not do wrong themselves to pay for such reparations, is the height of foolishness.

Furthermore, policies should seek to place all Americans on an equal playing field, creating equality of opportunity while punishing discrimination. As Martin Luther King Jr. taught, we should look past superficial attributes like skin color, class, and ethnicity to see people for who they really are. Such divisive policies like affirmative action set neighbor against neighbor, creating a distrustful atmosphere of hatred, instead of uniting America against our common enemies.


  1. These statistics include both hispanic and non-hispanic whites in the White category and both hispanic and non-hispanic blacks in the Black category because of the way the FBI did their methodology. They should have separated non-hispanic whites and non-hispanic blacks into individual categories but did not.


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