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Historical Development

Though Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin rejected Catastrophism for Uniformitarianism, scientists today have been forced to acknowledge that the same mass catastrophes denied by Darwin and Lyell did in fact happen, and that the fossil record shows life did die off rapidly.[1] The only disagreement on this point between Creationists and Evolutionists is when these events occurred, and how many of them there were. The overwhelming evidence of ancient mass extinctions has led to various hypotheses including huge asteroids and volcanic eruptions:

Whereas scientists believe multiple such events occurred over hundreds of millions of years, giving each names such as Permian-Triassic extinction event, Devonian extinction, Ordovician-Silurian extinction, Cretaceous extinction event, Triassic-Jurassic extinction, and Pre-Cambrian mass extinction event[2], Creationists believe a worldwide Flood was responsible, and that the Radiometric dating used by Evolutionists is incorrect. Thus, rather than many extinction events over a long period, these were all the same event occurring at one time. New research indicates one such event occurred as recently as 11.4 to 13.8 thousand years ago.[4]


The following are evidences of instantaneous catastrophes in earth's distant past, and instant fossilization:

Trilobites Buried in Life Position

In March 2011, it was discovered that a large number of trilobites had been instantaneously fossilized by sediment so rapid it froze them in life position while they were migrating and mating.

Fossilized Raindrops and Footprints

This was in 1981 presented by Josh McDowell and Don Stewart in Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity as explainable only by a rapid catastrophe. How do you preserve footprints, especially footprints with raindrop indentations? As recently as 2012, we continue to find out how different ancient earth's atmosphere was from today's (see Canopy Theory) because of fossilized raindrops:

Mass Marine Extinctions

In 2011 it was discovered that a rapid catastrophe led to deoxygenation and rising CO2 levels in ancient oceans, resulting in mass extinction of marine organisms worldwide.[7]


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