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A number of times in the Old Testament Jesus, the only begotten Son of God the Father, appears in visible, possibly material form. Theologically this is known as a 'Christophany.'[1]

Jesus, God of Israel

Jesus said He Himself was the original God of Israel.

The book of John presents this as the God of Israel coming to His own and being rejected. Jesus spoke with sorrow of His past relationship with Israel.

The Pharisees refused to consider the eternal nature of Jesus as God's Son, and thus were puzzled by Jesus' riddle showing David's prophesies of the Messiah evidenced a Creator coming to Earth as the Messiah in human form.

Jesus, Angel of the Lord

What many people don't realize is that when God spoke to Moses originally in the burning bush, to Abraham even earlier, and to Jacob, it was not God the Father speaking, but the 'Angel of the Lord' who spoke.

Other Cases of Christophanies

Other cases of apparent Christophanies in the Bible, including places where the Angel of the Lord is called God, include:

As seen above, the Angel of the Lord was referred to as God a number of times. Some of the KJV translators may have recognized this as several times they capitalized the word 'Angel.' (Genesis 48:16; Exodus 23:20,23,34; 32:34)

Regular Angels and People Not to be Worshiped

However, whenever angels or people were called God, they said God alone should be worshiped. Therefore, it is clear from the Bible that the Angel of the Lord was no mere angel, for if so it should have denied the worship it received.


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