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As my pastor George Perry once said, doctrines, traditions, and creeds are all fine, as long as they agree with the Bible. So in examining doctrines all that matters ultimately is whether they are consistent with the Bible God's Word.

Trinity Why the Trinity, like the Nicene Creed, is a false unBiblical doctrine.
Sexual Morality Addressing confusion about what the Bible says on sexuality.
Satan World Ruler Why Satan is the "god of this world" Biblically, in control of its kingdoms until the time of judgment.
Women Teaching Cases of women teaching and prophesying in the Bible in light of Paul's teachings.
Modesty What the Bible says about modesty.
Pacifism Biblical teaching on pacifism and treatment of one's enemies.
Sabbath Reconciling the Old and New Testament teachings about the Sabbath.
Caution on Wisdom With knowledge comes pride but love edifies. We must walk humbly with God the Father.