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The following is a list of former Nazis who have transitioned to Western society along with their descendants in examining the impact of Nazism on Western politics:


Name Positions Nazi Role
Walter Hallstein 1st President of the European Union 1958-67 1st Lieutenant, Nazi Army
Wernher Von Braun NASA, Dir. of Marshall Space Flight Center, designed U.S. 1st space satellite, worked with Walt Disney on films. His 3 children were honorary chairs in 2019 of the Apollo 11 50th Anniv. Celebration.[1] Major, SS Nazi Army, Rocket Scientist, designed V-2 rocket
Adolf Heusinger Chairman of NATO Military Committee in Washington, DC, German General Nazi Operations Chief of German Army High Command, Chief of General Staff, betrayed those plotting against Hitler
Johannes Steinhoff Chairman of NATO Military Committee 1971-74, other NATO commands from 1960-70 Luftwaffe Ace Pilot shot down 176 Allied planes
Arthur Rudolph NASA, U.S. Army, helped develop Pershing missile and Saturn V. moon rocket, deported in 1984 but not his daughter Nazi rocket scientist involved in forced labor
Wolfgang Abel Leading Austrian anthropologist until his death in 1997


Name Positions Nazi Role
Marianne Rudolph NASA, Illustrator Daughter of Nazi Scientist Arthur Rudolph, defended him[2]
Margrit Von Braun Environmental scientist and professor at University of Idaho[3] Daughter of Nazi Scientist and Major Wernher Von Braun
Peter Constantine Von Braun Board of Education in Greenwich CT[4] Son of Nazi Scientist and Major Wernher Von Braun

Resisted Nazis

The following are cases of Nazis who resisted Hitler:

Name Positions Nazi Role
Hans Speidel NATO Commander of COMLANDCENT 1957-63, President of German Institute for International and Security Affairs Nazi General who attempted to assassinate Hitler in 1944 and was imprisoned