Infant Baptism

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Roman Catholicism has repeatedly throughout history declared a mortal sin "rebaptizing". The Donatists and Novatians were killed for it in the 4th-6th centuries A.D. The Anabaptists were killed for it during the Reformation ('ana' meaning 'again' or 'rebaptists'). Roman Catholicism baptizes you as an infant and to get baptized again has been a crime Catholicism would punish with death.

Requires a Good Conscience Towards God[edit | hide | hide all]

Ironically, Catholicism is once again on the opposite side from the Apostle whom it allegedly most respects, Peter. Peter said that we are not saved by any physical action in baptism, but by the answer of a good conscience toward God:

Required Professed Belief[edit | hide]

Biblical baptism was always of those old enough to follow Christ As seen from Acts 8:37-38, it was through complete immersion, not sprinkling, and only of those who believed with all their hearts. .

This is in keeping with what Jesus said, that one must not only be baptized but believe also in order to be saved:

Traditions of Men[edit | hide]

Philip the Apostle would not have baptized infants, yet Roman Catholicism does. Clearly they have begun physical ordinances and commandments of men, the same thing the Pharisees once did, teaching traditions that made the commandments of God of no effect:

Roman Catholicism is in effect a combination of the two forces that killed Jesus, the Roman leaders with their warfaring paganism, and the Jewish leaders, the Pharisees, with their religious orthodoxy, their traditions and doctrines. It is the worst of both worlds, so to speak.