Judas Forgiveness

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According to Catholic doctrine, Judas was forgiven, or we cannot know whether Judas is in Hell.[1] However, the Bible is quite clear that Judas was in Hell. The following is the passage typically known:

Acts 1 Prophecy of Judas

However, there is clearer, more definite evidence that Judas is in Hell, Biblically. In Acts chapter 1 the following prophecy is quoted of Judas by Peter:

Peter specifically mentions that this is a prophecy from Psalms about Judas. There are two elements to the prophecy, that Judas' habitation would be desolate and that another would take his bishoprick (church position). The prophecy that Judas' house would be desolate is found in Psalms 69:25. The prophecy that Judas' position would be taken by another is found in Psalms 109:8.

Summary of the Prophecies

As seen from the two prophecies, the following is said about Judas:

  • His table should become a trap (69:22)
  • His eyes should be darkened and loins shake (69:23)
  • God's indignation and wrath should be poured out on him (69:24)
  • Iniquity will be added to his iniquity and he won't come into God's righteousness (69:27)
  • He will be blotted out of the book of the living and not written with the righteous (69:28)
  • A wicked person will be set over him with Satan standing at his right hand (109:6)
  • When he is judged he will be condemned and his prayer will become sin (109:7)
  • His children will be orphans and his wife a widow (109:9)
  • His children will be homeless beggars desperate for food (109:10)
  • The extortioner will take all he has and strangers destroy his labor (109:11)
  • None will extend mercy to him or his orphans (109:12)
  • His posterity will be cut off and his name cut off (109:13)
  • The sins of his descendants will be remembered by the Lord (109:14-15)
  • He will be cursed and not blessed (109:17-19)

Taken as a whole, particularly in light of Psalms 69:27-28, it is clear that Judas is in Hell.


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