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Christian denominations vary widely on what constitutes Biblical modesty. Some have no dress code, while some fundamental Baptists scorn jewelry and insist on long skin-covering slacks and dresses. Some Amish even forbid colored clothing, technology, and require headwear. Here is a look at what the Bible says.

Clothing Length

While there seems nothing wrong with those who wish to dress in body-covering garb like Hazmat workers, to force others to do so in the name of Biblical commandments seems wrong. The prophet Isaiah walked around nude in Egypt for 3 years as a sign from God, while Peter and other disciples worked in the buff. Even Jesus showed none of the prudishness of his modern-day followers when serving His disciples. Saul and Micah prophesied nude. David and his wife had a falling out because she disapproved of him dancing around praising God without concern for dressing modestly.


The Bible does speak negatively of ostentatious, showy, gaudy jewelry. Such criticism would seemingly apply to men's watches as well as to female earrings and bracelets in that the goal should be beauty in character not physical appearance. Note however that the condemnation in Isaiah 33:16 may have been tied to use of ornamentation for purposes of promiscuity. Compare similarly wicked flauntatious behavior of men in Proverbs 6:12-13.

Hair Braiding

The Bible also criticizes ostentatious braiding of hair and elaborate clothing, and emphasizes instead good works.