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This is the documentation page for Module:Other uses

Template:High-risk Template:Module rating This module produces an "other uses" hatnote for linking to disambiguation pages. It implements the {{other uses}} template.

Usage from wikitext


The otheruses() function directly implements {{other uses}} and probably shouldn't be used anywhere else.


The otherX() function allows direct implementation of templates that differ from {{other uses}} in only phrasing. For example, where {{other uses}} is phrased with "other uses", {{other places}} is phrased with "other places with the same name" and can be implemented using otherX(), which takes the custom phrasing as its parameter at the module invocation. {{other places}} in particular could be implemented with this wikitext:

{{#invoke:other uses|otherX|places with the same name}}

Note that the leading "other" is automatically supplied; if a template would not use this phrasing, it should not use otherX().

Usage from Lua

To use this module from Lua, first load the module:

local mOtheruses = require('Module:Other uses')

The module functions can then be used through the _otheruses() function:

mOtheruses._otheruses(args, options)

Parameters of _otheruses()

A table containing strings of link text, without brackets. For example, {"PAGE1", "PAGE2#SECTION", "PAGE3|LABEL"}. Make sure that there are no gaps or nil values, as that can confuse the mw.text.listToText() function the module uses. If in doubt, use compressSparseArray() from Module:TableTools. This may be empty or nil.
A table containing a number of optional named values; you must supply at least one of options.defaultPage or options.title; in most cases setting the latter to mw.title.getCurrentTitle().prefixedText is advisable. The following options are supported:
  • defaultPage: String; completely overrides the linked page when no arguments are supplied
  • title: String; sets the title used before the "(disambiguation)" suffix.
  • disambiguator: String; replaces "disambiguation" in the suffix
  • otherText: String; replaces "uses" in "other uses"