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Unlike the Bible which has a wealth of archaeological and manuscript evidence supporting it, the extravagant claims central to the Book of Mormon remain as unevidenced as any fairytale. No evidence has surfaced for an arrival of Jews to America, the existence of swords, chariots, or horses in America prior to Columbus, or that Native Americans are descended from Jews.[1]

Conflict with the Bible

Mormonism openly disagrees with the Bible. In my case, I have met Mormon missionaries who initially pretended Mormonism acknowledged the Bible's authority, but afterwards discovered the Mormon church teaches that the Bible is flawed and the Book of Mormon is superior.[2] This is an inevitable necessity for the LDS Church since there are numerous places where the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible,[3] including:

  • Mormonism teaches that dark skin is a curse from God, per the debunked Mark of Cain theology which was briefly popular in the 18th century when the Book of Mormon was created:
This of course is in direct contrast to the Bible which teaches that dark skin is simply a result of sun exposure and is not a basis for looking down on others. See Dawkins' Criticisms for greater detail about what the Bible teaches about skin color and racism:
  • Mormonism teaches that Jesus separately appeared to the Native Americans in human form to perform ministry[4], which aside from having no historical evidence directly contradicts the Bible.
The Bible on the other says there will be only two comings of Jesus, not three, and that the second will be visible to the entire world. Jesus warned of false prophets like Joseph Smith who would claim Jesus was secretly appearing to a select group. Jesus said His coming would be open and obvious to the whole world, as easily seen as lightning which shines from one side of the sky to the other.


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