No Mother of God

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Catholics like to claim that Mary is the mother of God, and as mother of Jesus is queen over the universe. This concept is thoroughly unBiblical.

Mary and All Creation Inferior to Jesus

Mary was a blessed and righteous woman like Hannah, Ruth, and other godly women in the Bible. Nonetheless, Jesus, as her Creator, was higher in authority to her. This is evident from the Wedding at Cana, His childhood experience in the Temple, and the case of her and his siblings wanting Him to stop His teaching to talk to them (not to mention Php. 2:10; Eph. 1:22; 1 Cor. 15:27-28; Col. 1:14-19).

Wedding at Cana

When Mary wanted Jesus to turn water into wine, He initially refused, and called her "woman" (Heb. gune) instead of mother, indicating His authority as her Creator. It was only when Mary acknowledged His authority, and told the servants to obey whatever He said, that He agreed to perform the miracle.

Mary and Siblings Request an Audience

No Special Relation Over Disciples

When Mary and Jesus' siblings attempted to interrupt His ministry and request a special audience, Jesus ignored them; showing that they held no special family position to Him more than other followers of God. Instead He indicated His disciples, and pointed out that all who follow the will of His Father in Heaven are His siblings and mother.

Responsibility to Do His Father's Will, Not Mary's

Even as a child, Jesus rejected the assertion of any special authority by Mary as His earthly mother. When Mary asked why Jesus had left to teach in the temple at age 12, Jesus questioned why she was so concerned, and pointed out His responsibility was to do the will of His Father in Heaven. This showed Mary lacked parental authority over Jesus, unlike the Father in Heaven. Jesus as her Creator had authority over her, not the other way around.

The Queen of Heaven was Pagan Idolatry in the Old Testament

The concept of a "queen of heaven" worshiped with food and drink offerings, similar to Catholic Mass, is an Old Testament idolatrous practice for which Israel was severely punished.

Jesus Superior to All Creation

The Bible repeatedly makes clear that Jesus, as the Son of God, is superior to all mankind, including Mary. At His name "every knee shall bow."