Political Analysis

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The following pages contain analysis of U.S. politics from a macro perspective:

Political Analysis
Religious Freedom Evidence the U.S. began a Christian nation.
Democracy Why the U.S. is a democracy, not just a republic, how mob rule is an invalid criticism of democracy, the electoral college, etc.
Civil Rights Comparison of both parties on the issue of civil rights.
Abortion Factual arguments from a pro-life standpoint.
Homosexuality Unique evidence against homosexuality being genetic.
2nd Amendment On the importance of the 2nd Amendment to a free people, how to reduce school shootings, etc.
Immigration Why a border wall and eVerify are needed, as well as historical perspective.
Voter Fraud Undeniable evidence that voter fraud is a nationwide problem, including numerous FBI/DOJ references.
Israel Why Israel is right and Palestine wrong.
Global Warming A balanced analysis of the issue of global warming/climate change.
Foreign Policy A historical analysis of what the U.S. has done right and wrong on foreign policy.
Creationism An evidence-based analysis on the subject of Creationism and the theory of evolution.
Death Penalty Analysis of the death penalty from both Biblical and scientific perspectives.
Affirmative Action It's a dumb idea. Reparations and other stupidity are also discussed.
Civil Liberties How the federal government is increasingly infringing on American civil liberties and those who expose corruption are targeted.
District of Columbia Why the District of Columbia should be federalized.