Political Reforms

From BibleStrength
  • U.S. Budget Proposal: A budget proposal designed to create tens of millions of jobs while reducing the long-term annual budget by hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Specifically would stop trade with low minimum wage countries like China and Mexico, restructure/simplify the tax code to reward companies that hire more U.S. workers in relation to company earnings, cut military procurement spending by having troops guard borders instead of being overseas, etc.
  • Judicial Reform Bill: Legislation with multiple reforms to the judiciary including tort reform, impeachment of dictatorial judges that overturn the will of the people, removing the immunity of judges so they are more accountable, stopping false witnesses from future testimony, and making prosecution undergo the same penalty sought for defendants if the court finds in favor of defendants.
  • Health Care Reform Bill: A minimalistic universal health care system covering basic care while leaving the private sector intact to cover more advanced niche care. Reduces costs by using a grant system to make hospitals provide health care directly rather than through the insurance industry. Uses voting machines in hospital lobbies so patients can vote on their experience with higher-rated hospitals receiving more funding and staying in the system, thus imitating the free market.