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The following are resources I've found helpful for studying the Bible and have used for many years:


  • PowerBible CD: The only Bible software I use. I use this for searching the Bible, quoting verses, cross references, and interlinear searching. I've used it constantly since 2003.
  • Notepad++: A useful free text editor that is much more effective than Notepad with many more features.


  • Scofield Study Bible III: Excellent notes on alleged contradictions and Biblical archaeology. Owned from about 2001-2011.
  • Halley's Bible Handbook: Excellent charts/maps and info on Biblical archaeology. Owned since about 2000.
  • Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible: Very good info on alleged contradictions in the Bible. Now if only it had an index and was better organized... Owned since about 2005.
  • Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Contains priceless detail on Biblical archaeology regarding external evidence for the Bible in chapters 4-5. Owned since about 2010.
  • Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity: Most useful to me for its excellent 3rd section critiquing evolution (pages 104-218 in my print version). Owned since about 2007.
  • The Case for Christ: Useful information about archaeological and manuscript evidence for the Bible and Jesus' historical authenticity, as well as an impressive analytical approach to examining the evidence. Owned since about 2001.
  • More Than a Carpenter: Most useful to me for its informative 4th chapter on Biblical manuscripts. Owned since about 2002.
  • Jesus Among Other Gods: Contains a powerful argument for the existence of God based on the existence of right and wrong that strongly shaped my philosophical thinking. Ravi's degree of common sense logic is off the charts. Owned from about 2006-2009.
  • The Fingerprint of God: Though I disagree with the author on various worldviews, his technical information about debunked theories designed to disprove the Bible is excellent. Owned since about 2006.
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs: Informative history about Christians persecuted by Catholicism. Owned since about 2008.


  • Bible Study Tools: Mainly used for its Greek/Hebrew lexicons. Although I use the Strong's Greek/Hebrew Lexicons in PowerBible CD for personal study this lets me convey info to others online.

Other Resources