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This site allows debate and discussion about the issues, as I am a firm believer in honest dialogue with the goal of finding truth. However, the encyclopedia's goal is to glorify God, Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit, so general page content should reflect this. Please keep disagreements to the Debates section and talk pages.

I welcome disagreement (unlike certain other sites which will remain nameless) and am happy to discuss with others so long as they remain courteous and respectful of others. Ideally I wouldn't ever have to ban anyone, which is why I hope everyone will abide by the following rules.

  • No Profanity: Not many people want to hear it.
  • No Insults: Respect others, avoid the Ad Hominem fallacy. It's fine if you disagree, but if your beliefs are reasonable and true you should be able to defend them with reason instead of namecalling (the resort of desperate individuals on the wrong side of the facts). This includes no racism, sexism, and possibly other isms as well. Use common sense.
  • No Strawmen: Don't distort the arguments of others per the Strawman fallacy. Be honest in your disagreement.
  • No Spam: Don't use the site to advertise other sites. I'll allow reference to other sites on one's user page, within reason for personal expression, but debates and debate pages themselves should be on topic. If mentioning another site is very relevant to the debate that's one thing, but I don't like spam which distracts from the site's purpose.
  • No Multi-Accounting: Creating multiple accounts to create spam links to other sites is against the rules. Mentioning a site on your user page is alright, creating a dozen user accounts to mention it is obviously abusing site privileges. If there's a special need to create another account, contact me first. Some exceptions may be allowed. For example, each administrator can have a test account to test whether or not certain site features are working correctly.

I reserve the right to create more rules, use common sense.