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The Bible accurately described aspects of science thousands of years before modern science finally caught up. It also described elements of science that could not possibly have been known at the time apart from divine revelation.

For example, Genesis 7:11 mentions fountains of the Great Deep that served as a major source of water for the Flood. Science is just now verifying that the inner Earth does indeed hold vast amounts of water after years of atheists falsely claiming there's not enough water on Earth for a Flood.

The Bible also accurately mentions God spreading out the Heavens like a tent to dwell in. (Isaiah 40:22) In 1998 the Hubble Telescope verified that the universe is expanding at a rapidly accelerating pace in defiance of all predictions. The concepts of dark energy and dark matter were then proposed as a way to explain the rapid expansion, expansion that is consistent with what the Bible said over 2,500 years earlier.

The Bible describes zero gravity in space, with God hanging the Earth on nothing. (Job 26:7) The Bible also states that Earth has four jet streams and four hemispheres (Revelation 7:1; 20:1). This degree of knowledge of outer space and global meteorology could only have been known through divine revelation.

The Mosaic Law's prohibitions resulted in advanced medical knowledge thousands of years before modern medicine. Long before Louis Pasteur's discovery of disease transmission in the 1800s the Old Testament well before 1000 B.C. recognized that touching the blood and bodily fluids of the diseased causes infection, touching surfaces that the infected have touched transmits disease, and mandated washing and quarantine for treatment.

For archaeological evidence verifying the Biblical account see Archaeological Evidence for the Bible and for evidence supporting the accurate transmission of the Biblical text see Manuscript Evidence for the Bible. Evidence for creationism is at Creationism and evidence for the Flood at Noah's Flood Evidence. For dinosaurs in the Bible see Dinosaurs.


Ocean Currents

Matthew Maury, often considered the father of hydrology, discovered ocean currents based on Psalms 8:8.[1] Modern science only caught up to the Bible because of what was written over 3,500 years earlier.

Water Cycle

Solomon accurately described the water cycle in the book of Ecclesiastes roughly 3,000 years ago.

Fountains of the Deep

For evidence of the Flood, see Noah's Flood Evidence

The Bible states that fountains of the Great Deep were a major source of water for the Flood.

Over 3,500 years later science is just now catching up to the Bible, and finding out that vast amounts of water are locked inside Earth, possibly even more water inside the Earth than outside. This has not stopped atheists from falsely claiming that there is not enough water for a Flood to have occurred.

Science has been gradually discovering that the Bible, so widely mocked as being wrong about a global Flood, was correct about the conditions of the Earth over 3,500 years before modern science.

  • In March 2002 National Geographic reported the discovery, through laboratory studies replicating the conditions of the Earth's core, that there may well be more water within the Earth than outside it - as much as five times more.[3]
  • In February 2007 National Geographic reported the discovery, made via sonar, of a large amount of water equivalent in size to the Atlantic Ocean locked deep below the Earth's surface, contained in wet rocks. While the National Geographic article downplayed the water's relevance to a Noahic Flood by suggesting rocks contained less than 0.1% water, newer discoveries suggest the real figure is around 1.5%.[4]
  • In March 2014 a rare diamond was discovered containing ringwoodite, a mineral formed only by the intense subsurface pressures within the Earth's mantle. The diamond also was composed of 1.5% water, indicating that there is a substantial amount of water deep within the Earth. [5]
  • In June 2014 Time Magazine, PBS, and other news agencies publicized the discovery of a massive subterranean ocean, three times the size of any ocean on Earth's surface, that could prove the source for the world's seas. [6]

Furthermore these discoveries are in addition to already-identified fossil aquifers such as the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, Ogallala Aquifer, and Kalahari Desert Aquifers which contain massive amounts of ancient freshwater locked deep below the Earth's surface.


Four Jet Streams

There are two polar jets and two subtropical jets according to the National Weather Service.[7]

The Bible correctly states there are four jet streams.

Wind Currents

The Bible accurately described wind currents roughly 3,000 years before modern meteorology.



Old Testament laws provided advanced knowledge of medicine to prevent infection over 3,000 years before modern medicine. Such laws contained advanced knowledge of disease transmission to prevent direct contact, droplet spread, and indirect contact. The laws provided an extensive medical approach to avoiding disease transmission through sexual contact, bloodborne transmission, fecal-oral transmission, and waterborne transmission.

Direct Contact

  • Touching infected diseased materials or persons was prohibited to prevent the spread of disease. (Num. 5:2-3) As a general rule, touching anything diseased required washing and 7-day quarantine afterwards. (Lev. 15:13; 13:50-54)
  • Specific treatments for different diseases were prescribed, along with quarantine methods to prevent diseases from spreading. (Lev. 13)
  • Quarantining houses to stop mold was practiced. (Lev. 14:37-46) Washing clothes of those who entered the houses was prescribed. (Lev. 14:47)
  • It was recognized that the discharges from diseased sores spread infections. Everything they touched was to be considered unclean, and they were to wash with "running water" (Lev. 15:1-13) and be quarantined afterwards. (v. 13) It was also recognized that saliva from spit would spread the disease. (v. 8)


Eating animals more likely to carry diseases was prohibited. (Lev. 11) Touching the dead carcasses was prohibited (vv. 24-25). Anything that touched them was to be considered unclean and avoided, including food and water (vv. 32-35). Those who touched diseased animals were to be considered unclean until the evening (v. 39). Washing and 24-hour quarantine was commanded for those that ate them. (vv. 39-40) Eating raw or undercooked pork for example is known to cause a serious disease called trichinosis.[9]

Transmission of blood-borne pathogens was prevented by a prohibition on eating food with the blood. Those who violated the commandment had to undergo washing and 24-hour quarantine. (Lev. 17:10-16)

Drinking blood was prohibited. Today it is known that doing so causes haemochromatosis by increasing iron levels to toxic levels.[10]


Post-partum disease transmission was prevented by 7 to 14 day quarantine for women after birth, and 40 to 50 day restrictions on sexual intercourse. (Lev. 12) This could have reduced Post-partum infections.[11] It is now recognized that the Israelite practice of circumcising children affords medical benefits and protects them against disease.

STD Prevention

  • STD transmission was prevented by restrictions on sexual contact with the infected as well as washing and 14-day quarantining of the diseased. (Lev. 15:24-28) The increased likelihood of disease transmission due to menstrual blood was also acknowledged. (Lev. 15:16-33; 20:18) Lifestyles that increase STDs and birth defects such as incest, homosexuality, and bestiality were also prohibited. (Lev. 20)
  • Those who engaged in sex were to wash afterwards and then avoid further contact until the next evening. (Lev. 15:18)
  • Disposal of human waste by burying it away from campsites (catholes) to prevent disease spread was practiced. (Deuteronomy 23:12-13)


Four Hemispheres of the Earth

The Bible accurately states that the Earth has four hemispheres, or quarters of the Earth.

Human Physiology

The Bible accurately stated both the average lifespan and maximal lifespan for mankind over 3,000 years ago. And 3,000 years ago this remains as accurate a description of human physiology as it was then.

70 Year Average Lifespan

120 Year Maximum Lifespan


For evidence relating to Creationism, see Creationism

Microevolution from core created kinds was commanded to all life in Genesis 1:11-12,21,24-25. The Hebrew word translated kinds is the Hebrew miyn meaning species.[13]


See Creationism for more info

That humans were created in present form from molecules, not monkeys (KJV 'dust,' Genesis 2:7 from the Heb. 'aphar) and never looked anything like modern apes, consistent with Genesis 2, has been evident since 2009 with the discovery of ardipithecus ramidus. The discoveries of sahelanthropus tchadensis and orrorin tugenensis likewise show that early humans were in an advanced stage of evolution similar to modern man, and has led to the acknowledgements that australopithecus afarensis (aka Lucy) and homo erectus walked upright. The book of Genesis was right about this over 3,500 years before modern science finally got it right.


The design of the universe contains strong evidence for the existence of God.

Zero Gravity

A lack of gravity in space, with Earth hanging on nothing, is described in Job 26:7.

Accelerating Expansion of the Universe

The Bible accurately described God spreading out the Heavens like a tent to dwell in, similar to the oft-used concept of the universe expanding like a loaf of raisin bread dough.[14]

According to conventional Big Bang theory, the galaxies and planets are all separating from a central blast area or Big Bang, as the universe expands outward from its original explosion point. However, if this were true then the expansion of the universe should be decelerating, and it is not. In fact, the expansion of the universe is getting faster, contrary to all theoretical predictions, and science has been forced to create theoretical, unevidenced constructs called Dark Matter and Dark Energy that supposedly make up 95% of the universe. However, we have yet to find direct evidence for them.

If the expansion of the universe were just due to a naturalistic Big Bang, then expansion certainly should not be accelerating. That it does so is consistent with what the Bible says about a Creator who spreads out the Heavens.

Lack of Antimatter

There should be more antimatter in the universe relative to matter according to conventional Big Bang theory, yet this prediction has not been borne out by scientific discovery. There is far too much matter and not enough antimatter.

This is evidence that Big Bang theory is not the correct answer, and that spontaneous generation of matter is not what created life that we see today.

Singularities and the Big Bang

The only way to argue for a Big Bang is positing a singularity where, according to Stephen Hawking, all the laws of physics broke down. There still remains no way to argue for a Big Bang apart from a Creator without denying the laws of physics as they currently exist.

Planet Formation

In June 2014 a massive planet, Kepler-10c, was discovered weighing twice as much as earth and over twice as large which defies Big Bang theory and has puzzled astronomers accordingly.

Where does matter come from?

According to the second law of thermodynamics, matter decays. Matter is temporal, not self-existent. If matter could pop into nowhere from nothing we should see little big bangs occurring in the universe all the time, but not once have we ever witnessed such an occurrence. See also the law of conservation of energy which states that energy in an isolated system cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. For there to have been a Big Bang where particles collided, you must first explain where particles came from when multiple laws of the universe show the temporal nature of matter should not allow it to self-exist.

The atheist will doubtless ask where God comes from, but this inherently assumes God would be bound by the same physical laws that make a purely physical beginning impossible! Only by inferring the existence of another dimension like the spiritual and an intelligent, self-existent being like God can one explain where anything physical could come from. In other words, while the physical cannot be self-existent or eternal, a spiritual dimension would not necessarily involve the same limitations, and as such a spiritual being would be outside the laws of physics that make Big Bang theory in its current form impossible.


Where does good come from?

A powerful argument most moral people can accept for God's existence is made by Ravi Zacharias in 'Jesus Among Other Gods' and other of his books.[19] Ravi points out that the critic who accuses God of allowing evil in the world is actually inferring the existence of good as well, for how can there be evil without good? After this, it is necessary to point out that for there to be good and evil in the universe, there must be a moral law by which they exist. But if there is a moral law, then there must be a powerful, moral lawgiver as well. As Ravi puts it,

Essentially Ravi in his second point is making an argument that the intrinsic worth of human beings that allows us to assume they have inalienable rights is of necessity founded on the belief that God is the one who gives them those rights. That explains why the founding fathers like Jefferson and Madison when discussing inalienable rights referred frequently to a Creator, including in the Declaration of Independence, which states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."[21] You can't ask why evil occurs to people without assuming people have inherent worth and value, inalienable rights. But that assumes they were created by God with those rights and given those rights and inherent value by God.

For more by Ravi on the subject see the following:


Friedrich Nietzsche

Main Article: Nietzsche's Prophecy

For clear evidence of modern prophecy, see the circumstances of Friedrich Nietzsche's death. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (October 15, 1844 - August 25, 1900) is a famous 19th-century German atheist best known for his claim that "God is dead." Nietzsche ironically died in a fit of madness during which he prophesied the persecution of Jews during World War II to come 5 decades later; possibly the most obvious example of supernatural prophecy and divine punishment in recent times. As such it appears the God of the Bible supernaturally used Friedrich Nietzsche in a manner similar to the Biblical examples of Nebuchadnezzar, Saul, and Paul to warn His people of Hitler half a century before World War II.

After writing his final complete work in 1883, The Antichrist, Curse on Christianity,[22] Nietzsche would go insane in 1889, exactly 50 years before the start of World War II,[23] during which he would prophetically predict a coming Hitlerian society and Nazi Germany. As H.L. Mencken puts it, "Save for his raucous, rhapsodical autobiography, 'Ecce Homo,' 'The Antichrist' is the last thing that Nietzsche ever wrote, and so it may be accepted as a statement of some of his most salient ideas in their final form."[24]

Nietzsche, early in January 1889, saw a coachman flogging a horse, and rushed towards it. Throwing his arms around the horse, Nietzsche collapsed in unconsciousness, and was carried home. In a fit of insanity, he mailed several letters before dying on August 25, 1900, from pneumonia.[25] These letters included the following:

In other letters, Nietzsche also commanded the German emperor to go to Rome to be shot, and summoned the European powers to take military action against Germany.[28] Nietzsche prophesied the coming of an anti-Semitic Germany when he said, "Wilhelm, Bismarck, and all anti-Semites abolished." Wilhelm II would become the Emperor of Germany just months after Nietzsche wrote this, and replace Otto von Bismarck, the nationalistic German Chancellor who'd unified Germany. By giving the names of the German rulers at the time and referring to them as anti-Semites he correctly predicted the persecution of the Jewish people by Nazi Germany. By stating "I have had Caiaphas put in fetters" Nietzsche correctly predicted the mass imprisonment of Jews across Germany that would be coming. Caiaphas was the Jewish high priest at the time of Jesus (Matthew 26:3). Nietzsche was thus saying the Jewish leader was being imprisoned.

Nietzsche in his letter stated, "Also, last year I was crucified by the German doctors in a very drawn-out manner." This correctly predicted the heinous atrocities of German doctors in Nazi Germany, most notably the sinister Joseph Mengele, who experimented on Jewish people and engaged in unprecedented war crimes. In separate letters Nietzsche commanded the German emperor to go to Rome to be shot and commanded the European powers to take military action against Germany. This preciseness in predicting the coming World Wars against Germany is unusual.

Thus, for all his criticism of God, Christianity, and the supernatural, Nietzsche would end his life in a fit of madness prophesying the coming of World War II in warning to the Jewish people, accurately predicting German doctor Joseph Mengele, antisemitism, and the threat of Germany to the free world, all while referring to himself as "The Crucified." Nietzsche accurately prophesied the following half a century before World War II:

Seventy Weeks

A prophecy in Daniel 9:25-27 accurately predicted down to the exact year when the Messiah was to come. Furthermore, it is preserved by the Dead Sea Scrolls centuries before Jesus came. The prophecy of the Seventy Weeks starts from the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem, which is known from Nehemiah 2 to have occurred in 445 B.C.[29] Sixty-nine weeks of years would pass before the coming of the Messiah, or 483 years from this point. This perfectly corresponds to the coming of Jesus.

As if there were any doubt left, the coming of the Messiah was to be followed by destruction of Jerusalem and the temple which would cause temple sacrifice to stop. This was fulfilled by Nero's destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.[30]

Evidence for Miracles

Church Fire Leaves Crosses Unscathed

In 2019, a church fire miraculous left crosses and Bibles unscathed among the rubble of a destroyed building.[31]


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