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NOTE: Because a preponderance of hooks on the suggestions page are biographies or are U.S. related, it is usually appropriate to have several hooks on biographies or U.S. topics in any given update, but never more than half of either. Further information is available at WP:DYKSG. Thanks.

Tips on assembling sets are at Wikipedia:Did you know/Preparation areas.



See how this template appears on both today's Main Page Template:Flatlist



Template:Endflatlist ... and tomorrow's Main Page Template:Flatlist

Template:Endflatlist Template:Flatlist

Template:Endflatlist To reset the contents of this page for the next update, copy the empty page from Template:Did you know/Clear.


This space is to credit the creators/nominators of the items in this template that in fact appear on the Main Page. If you replace or remove an item before it appears on the Main Page, please revert the promotion of the hook so its template appears again at Template talk:Did you know and add a note to the nomination's template explaining why you removed it.

Credit templates

You can also give out credits using the following templates:

Note that portal notifications are only done if you have taken the trouble to add the DYK hook to a relevant portal, which is entirely optional. The other notifications must be done before the preparation area page can be reset.


  • Don't forget to add an {{mprotected}} notice to the image description page (or {{C-uploaded}} plus a copy of the author attribution and the licence tag if you have uploaded a temporary copy from Commons).
  • Alternatively, consider crediting the image file page even if the file is from Commons: Template:Tlx

Posting the new update

  • Note: This is the manual method. When using DYKUpdateBot, the bot should automate all of the following except steps 1 and 10.
  1. Make sure the image/media for the [[Template:Did you know/Queue/Template:Did you know/Queue/Next|hooks to be loaded]] is on English Wikipedia or protected on Commons. If the image/file is on Commons and not protected, upload it to En and tag it with {{c-uploaded}}. You do not need to protect the picture; this is done automatically because of the cascading protection of the Main Page. Alternatively, if you are an admin at Commons you can protect the image/file at Commons instead of uploading to En.
  2. Update T:DYK from [[Template:Did you know/Queue/Template:Did you know/Queue/Next|the current queue]].
  3. Purge the cache of the Main Page to make sure the new entries appear.
  4. Reset the DYK time.
  5. Increment the next queue count.
  6. Copy the previous set of hooks (not the new set just promoted to the front page) to the archive. Be sure to copy the final revision of the set (should be the last diff on the T:DYK page before your update). Please include the picture/file.
  7. Check if the previous picture/file was temporarily uploaded from Commons for display on the Main Page, and delete it from En if so.
  8. If you have time, please do the credits for the hooks just promoted (see "Credits" section above).
  9. Clear the queue you just promoted hooks from with Template:Tlu.
  10. If you have time, check if there are any full preparation areas. Check the hooks for errors, and promote them to the next empty numbered queue if they're good. Clear the prep you took hooks from to look like this. Tag the numbered queue with Template:Tlx once the queue is loaded and ready.

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