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Template:Documentation subpage This set of templates is for creating the tables in the various lists of TV stations in the states of Mexico. Do not use the main template at Template:Mexico TV station table, it will produce no output. Instead use the subtemplates as shown below:


{{Mexico TV station table/top}}
{{Mexico TV station table/entry
|RF =
|VC =
|callsign =
|location =
|network =
|muxnet1 =
|muxnet2 =
|muxnet3 =
|d_erp =
|conc =
|future = 


The following markup...

{{Mexico TV station table/top}}
{{Mexico TV station table/entry
|RF = 37
|VC = 6
|callsign = [[XHEXM-TDT]]
|network = ExampleNet
|muxnet1 = ExampleNet -2
|location = [[Mexico City]]
|d_erp = 25 kW
|conc = ExampleCo, S.A. de C.V.
{{Mexico TV station table/bottom}}

produces the following output...

RF VC Callsign Location Network/name ERP Concessionaire
37 6 XHEXM-TDT Mexico City ExampleNet
(Template:Comma separated entries)
25 kW ExampleCo, S.A. de C.V.

A "future" parameter also exists for stations that are yet to be built, on the entry and entry4 parameters.


There are some variants that handle other use cases. Each variant is a subset of the main top/entry template combo with some fields omitted.

top1 and entry1 are used on Gala TV (Mexico). The Gala TV network (along with others in Televisa) has significant variation in concessionaires. All fields except Network are present.

top3 and entry3 are used on articles where a listing of shadow channels is needed, such as XHFZC-TDT. They omit the VC field (as shadows cannot be at variance), the Network field, and the Concessionaire field.

top4 and entry4 are used for Televisión Azteca and Imagen Televisión transmitter lists, as well as those of the state networks. These networks have consolidated concessionaires.

(top2 and entry2 were deleted April 2017)

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