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Template:Documentation subpage Template:Lua This template allows you to escape multiple pipes within a template without the need to call {{!}} many times, thereby simplifying the markup. The main usage of this template is creating tables in the parameters of templates, such as the content parameter of Template:T.

This template should not be used if only a few usages of {{!}} are required, as the other template is more efficient.


This template returns all the unnamed parameters separated by pipes, effectively "escaping" the pipes. Note that since = determines a parameter, all usages of = must be escaped using Template:T.

This template trims white space from the beginning of the first parameter, and the end of the last parameter.


{{quote|{{pipe escape|
{| class{{=}}"wikitable"
! Header
! Second header
| Row
| Second column row
| Second row
| Second column second row
}}|Some guy who speaks in tables}}
Page Template:Quote/styles.css has no content.
Script error: No such module "pipe escape".

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