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Russia Lies

The following is a list of Russian lies:

Nazism and Defending Russian-Speaking Ukrainians

See also Russian Nazism

Russia has falsely claimed that it started the war/special operation to 'denazify' Ukraine. However, Putin accidentally admitted that was a lie when claiming the war was to imitate the conquests of Peter the Great.[1][2]

In contrast, Russia's Wagner Group, mercenaries who it has been using to take over more than a dozen countries throughout Africa and the Middle East, is run by Dmitry Utkin who is covered with Nazi tattoos and named the group after Hitler's favorite composer.[3]

Moskva Warship Destruction

  1. Damaged by Accidental Fire: Russia falsely claimed that its prize warship, the Moskva, was initially damaged because of a fire, not Ukrainian missiles. However, the parents of sailors on board the warship described phone calls mentioning that the ship had been struck by land-based missiles.[4] Drone footage further supported Ukraine's claims to have distracted the warship's anti-air defenses using a drone.[5]
  2. Sank Due to Storm: Russia also claimed that the cruiser ultimately sank due to a storm while being towed to port. However photographs released afterwards showed the damaged Moskva without any storm present.[6]

Crimean Jet Destruction

Russia made multiple false claims after Ukraine destroyed or damaged 9 fighter jets at a Crimean airport (Saki Air Base), including:

  1. No Jets Were Destroyed: Russia was caught lying that no jets had been destroyed after satellite images released by Planet Labs PBC showed at least 9 SU-24 and SU-30 jets had been destroyed or damaged.[7][8][9][10][11]
  2. Accidental Due to Cigarette Smoking: Russia was also exposed for lying that accidental cigarette smoking ignited munitions after social media video, verified and geolocated by CNN as being from the air base, showed three separate nearly simultaneous explosions, two within a second of one another and another shortly afterwards, indicative of a special forces operation.[8][7] A Belarusian airfield near Zybrovska used by Russia and a Russian military base had similar explosions just 2 days later, including 8 explosions at the Belarus air base, which Belarus likewise claimed was accidental.[12]
  3. Tourism Industry Not Affected: Russia also falsely claimed that all hotels and beaches were unaffected by the explosion, but videos on social media showed long lines of cars leaving a day after the explosion and tourists fleeing the beaches when the explosions occurred.[13]

Paying Reservists and Workers

Russia deceived reservists and workers, promising them high salaries, and then refused to pay them. Russia also has failed to provide sufficient food and ammunition to recruits and has refused to provide funeral arrangements to volunteer soldiers killed in action.[14]

Russian Terrorism

In contrast, Russia's Wagner Group, mercenaries who it has been using to take over more than a dozen countries throughout Africa and the Middle East, is run by Dmitry Utkin who is covered with Nazi tattoos and named the group after Hitler's favorite composer.[3] The Wagner Group have been killing, raping, and torturing civilians around the world.

List of Wagner Group Atrocities

The following is a list of atrocities by the Wagner Group from 2019-22:

Feb.-Mar. 2021, Bambari, Central African Republic

22 killed including women, children, and elderly, women raped and tortured. A village chief was murdered.[15]<ref>Lister, T., Shukla, S., & Ward, C. (2021, Jun. 15). "Russian Mercenaries Implicated in the Torture and Killing of Civilians in Central African Republic." CNN.<ref>

Apr. 2022, Bangui, Central African Republic

3 women raped, 2 after giving birth in hospital.

-May 2022, Motyzhyn, Ukraine: 11,000 cases of torture, rape, and murder of Ukrainian civilians.

-Jan. 2022, Aïgbado, Central African Republic: 70 civilians massacred including women and children.

-2019-20, Tripoli, Libya: 130 civilians killed and 196 injured due to landmines placed by the Wagner Group.

-Mar. 2021, Homs, Syria: Wagner Group sued for torturing and murdering Syrian man by breaking his limbs with a sledgehammer before decapitating him.

-Apr. 2022, Bucha, Ukraine: Dozens of civilians tortured and murdered.

-Jun. 2021, Koui, Central African Republic: Wagner Group forces abducted a mayor and 2 others, then murdered them, to steal weapon supplies.

-Dec. 2020, Bambari, Central African Republic: Killed 3 civilians, firing on a truck at a checkpoint.

-Jun. 2021, Tazirbu, Libya: 4 women raped and tortured in a concentration camp.

-Mar. 2022, Gordill, Central African Republic: 10 civilians killed, including 3 women. -Mar. 2022, Markounda, Central African Republic: 5 miners killed.

Continuation of Russia's Past Evils =

-Soviet Russians raped up to 2 million German women and girls, sometimes murdering them.

-20 million civilians were killed by the USSR under Stalin due to gulag concentration camps, famines, and executions caused by Russian soldiers stealing food supplies.

-Russia killed 298 civilians in 2014 when shooting down Malaysian Air Flight 17.

-100 million civilians have been killed by Soviet regimes created by Russia.

Furthermore, this is part of a much broader pattern of genocide and terrorism by Communism over the 20th-21st centuries.


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