Xenoestrogens and Xenoandrogens

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In Nature?

Despite efforts to use homosexuality in nature to argue that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, in actuality homosexuality has been induced in nature and within humans specifically by scientists using artificial drugs which imitate male and female hormones, androgen and estrogen respectively. As such, the increasing prevalence of homosexuality appears attributable to scientists deliberately creating hormone-imitating chemicals to influence sexuality (particularly since many of the scientists studying homosexuality are themselves homosexual[1]), possibly in an attempt to slow the rate of global population growth.

Xenoestrogens and Xenoandrogens

Xenoestrogens and xenoandrogens are commonly used in foods, cosmetics, pesticides, and even baby toys. Over the past 70 years unnatural estrogen and androgen-imitating chemicals and pesticides have been introduced into nature through industrial, agricultural, and chemical companies which mimic male and female pheromones. Thus ironically, even if there is a genetic cause for homosexuality, it is an unnatural one caused by scientific tampering with hormones.

Per the following NCBI paper, scientists are able to control sexual urges in animals and humans largely at will through use of sex steroids that disrupt the endocrine system:

In 2007, the attempts by researchers to turn sheep gay ironically caused outrage from the LGBT, who thought the results could be used against their agenda. As such, the liberal Slate Magazine argued at the time that the researchers' actions were supportive of the LGBT.[4]

Unnaturally Altering Sexual Preferences and Genitals

Mankind's genetic tampering increasingly appears to be the reason for homosexuality in nature. Scientists deliberately manipulate newt pheromones to introduce homosexuality in nature, as one example.[5] Xenoestrogens have been shown to produce homosexual urges in snakes by confusing genders through smell.[6] Estrogen has also been shown to alter gender preference in quail and chicken as well.[7] Artificial sex hormones have also been used to induce homosexuality in fruit flies, rats, hamsters, ferrets, pigs, zebra finches, and dogs:

Scientists were able to produce homosexuality in nature in rodents and rhesus monkeys by exposing them to xenoandrogens and diethylstilbestrol.[3] In the case of mice, they tampered with the genetic code in an attempt to produce homosexuality without the use of steroids.[10]

Xenoestrogens and xenoandrogens have resulted in fish, amphibians, and aquatic reptiles becoming homosexual as well, including cases where they have intrasex genitalia.

Xenoestrogens and xenoandrogens not only alter sexual preference, but can unnaturally alter genitals as well, producing male-like genitals in females and vice versa.

How Scientists Created LGBT Urges in Humans: Diethylstilbestrol

The most prominent xenoestrogen, diethylstilbestrol (DES), was created in 1938 and from 1940-71 was given to as many as 5-10 million pregnant women in the United States by the USDA under the mistaken belief it would prevent miscarriages.[14] It was also distributed in France, Spain, and the Netherlands.[15] Studies have shown that those taking diethylstilbestrol have increased likelihood of homosexuality.[16]

The FDA continued to approve diethylstilbestrol for estrogen-replacement therapy until the late 1980s.[17] It is now known that DES causes serious health problems including breast cancer, vaginal and cervical cancer, clear cell cancer, testical cysts, premature births, infertility, and genital abnormalities.[18]

The U.S. Military's 'Gay Bomb' Proposal

In 1994, the U.S. Air Force proposed use of a gay bomb against foreign combatants as a way to weaken opposing enemy forces through chemical hormones by making soldiers "sexually irresistible to one another."[19] The project's originators even won a 2007 IG Nobel Award from Harvard University for the unorthodox proposal.[20] As such, the possibility exists that either A) the U.S. government is targeting people with chemical warfare (e.g. DES) to make them homosexual, or that B) a foreign government (like China) is doing so.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Xenoestrogens are used in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which is used to treat 'Gender Dysphoria' / 'Gender Identity Disorder.'[22] In essence, estrogen-imitating chemicals are used to change the sexual characteristics of those who aren't happy with the gender they are born with. HRT has also been used extensively to treat menopause symptoms with Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT).[23] Like their counterparts xenoestrogens, xenoandrogens (which imitate the male hormone, testosterone) likewise cause reproductive disorders and occur in persistent organic pollutants (POPs).[24] Part of the debate over homosexuality involves whether taxpayers should be required to pay for others' Gender Reassignment surgeries.[25]

Cancer Risk if Mixing Hormones

When women take estrogen, the female hormone, their risk of breast cancer declines. However, if taking more than just estrogen, their risk of breast cancer increased substantially, but declined once they stopped using artificial hormones.[26][13]


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